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Voicemail Broadcasts

Reaching your contacts by telephone is easier than ever. Voicemail broadcasts give your organization the opportunity to personalize its marketing and speak directly to the contact. MailHarbor helps you set up your voice message using the best practices, calls your contacts, and tracks the effectiveness of each call.

With our Enterprise version, we give you the ability to target specific contacts based strictly on where they live and how they've responded to previous campaigns through our patent-pending technology.

Using Your Contact List

Once you've created your voicemail campaign, you'll be ready to select the contacts that will be sent your message.

Contacts in MailHarbor are separated into groups of the users' liking. You have the ability to browse through your groups and select those that should receive a particular marketing campaign.

In MailHarbor's Enterprise version, users are given the opportunity to select from dozens of different filters in MailHarbor. Since MailHarbor records data from every aspect of a campaign, users have the ability to select contacts based on targeted criteria such as geography, previous campaign history, and previous campaign activity.

These features allow users to target and segment their campaigns to receive optimal delivery and optimal response.

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